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Wolf Pest Control ... "has really made a difference in my home. Past experiences with other pest control companies weren't satisfactory; I kept seeing bugs, scorpions and spiders inside my house, so I turned to Bulwark and I could not be happier. Especially their Tech J. Homan, who is our usual tech, is very friendly, does his job how it's supposed to be done. I give him props. I really recommend Bulwark to whoever wants quality pest control."

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Aldo M.

About Our Business


We are Knoxville's premier pest control service. At Wolf Pest Control, we set ourselves apart from other companies by guaranteeing our results against poisonous spiders and other pests that most companies don't guarantee.


We also use a state-of-the-art "flush out" at the start of every new job. The Initial service is designed to flush out the current pests living in your home. This is achieved by using a full repellent product on the inside that drives the unwanted pests outside the home.


The outside is then treated with a full non-repellent product that the unsuspecting pests won’t even know is there. You may notice a possible increase in pest activity after this treatment, but remember, these are the bugs that were nesting in your home that are soon to be out of your life for good!


Live in Chattanooga? We can help there as well!